A Pet Lover and Giant Retail Store Founder's Story

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The early days

Jim Dougherty hails from San Diego, California, and is a proud veteran of the U.S. Marines, having served in Vietnam. From humble beginnings, Dougherty established himself as a global business figure by founding PetSmart and Petsense, truly embodying the entrepreneurial spirit. He ingeniously transformed unused warehouses and grocery stores into comprehensive pet product hubs. Dougherty tapped into the fact that pet owners sought more than just pet food, and were ready to cater to every need of their pets.

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For the love of pets

Jim expanded his vision by pledging not to sell pets, and instead, he offered in-store pet adoptions from local animal rescues. This move was met with great enthusiasm from customers and significantly contributed towards the fight against pet euthanasia. According to Jim, an employee who loves animals and owns a pet is the most valuable. He also believes that the greatest gift is the bonding and communication between a customer and their pet.

Inspiring and Mentoring

Jim will never pass up an opportunity to mentor an entrepreneur with an idea or product to introduce to the pet industry. He has been in their shoes, understands their hesitancy, and gladly shares his pet industry experience. It's what he does best; guiding entrepreneurs on their quest for success; after all, look what his far-fetched idea did for pet owners and their beloved pets!

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